First of all, WELCOME and THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog!!



I am so excited to start blogging.


About Me

Hello. I’m Habiba Martin
This is my story, today.

It’s simple and boring, in a good way:

I love photography. I try to capture visions everyday. I want to inspire you to create your vision of life.

I love writing. I try to write everyday. I want to inspire you to write down your thoughts.

I love fitness. I try to sweat every day. I want to inspire you to sweat more, too.

I am fascinated by motivation, devotion, and mental toughness.

Why is it so hard to keep the promises that we make to ourselves?
Why is it so easy to get distracted, lose focus, and sink into laziness and inertia?

Why do we give up?

And why do certain people… never give up?

These questions grip my heart. I want answers.

As I discover fresh answers, through my own heartaches, leg breaks, love affairs, chance meetings, and challenges, I love to share my discoveries with you
What I believe. Forever and always.

Here are three big truths that remain constant for me, throughout all of life’s twists & turns:

1.  My mission is to leave everything — apartments, national parks, people’s hearts — in better condition than you found them.

2. Tiny actions make a difference. With one text, one email, one well-timed phone call, hug, or word of advice, you could dramatically change someone’s day, week, month, or life.

3. No matter how my day began, and no matter what kinds of choices I have made up until this point, it is not too late to do something kind, creative, generous, and courageous.  If I am still alive, then I still have time. Everything changes now if I say so.Today is not over yet.

Other bites & pieces:

The almighty guides my being.  I cherish my family , friends and  others. I enjoying working out, capturing images and discovering things that align with  my vision and allow me to think, create and grow.