So I thought it would be a good time for me to check in on my 2015 goals and see how much I was able to accomplish this year.

Honestly, I fail a bit short of my goals in 2015. But I am happy to admit that I am at peace with how I’m ending this year. The most important lesson that I’ve learned this year is to RELAX and trust my intuition. I’ve always known that intuition was a thing but it didn’t really hit me until this year. I discovered parts of me that I did not understand, it has been a year of experience, self-actualization and development.


FAILED tried to accomplish and still working on

Visit family in Sudan

I have not seen majority of my family members in over FIVE years and this was the year that I was going to reunite with them. Unfortunately, this did not occur and I’m so upset that I wasn’t able to go. However, even though I wasn’t able to travel internationally to see my family, I was able to go see the ones that live locally several times this year.

Pay off my credit cards

I’ve knocked out the amount due but I didn’t quite pay off my credit cards. But I am happy to admit that my credit score has gone up this year.

Blog like a pro

When I decided to blog, I was excited and planned on utilizing it to use my voice and challenge myself to grow.

And to be honest, it was a major FAIL…

I didn’t realize how challenging blogging could be. I doubted myself several times and questioned whether I should continue because my schedule is preoccupied with two jobs, five classes and of course my home duties. Thus my daily schedule was filled with work tasks, classwork, and home duties. It was a bit overwhelming!

I have to admit though….. I set myself up for failure on this one because I committed to something without proper planning. I just created a blog with no rough draft or anything, I just dived straight in. I realized that now and I am organizing my schedule to assure that I see this through.

SUCCEEDED Small efforts repeated daily

Be more flexible

Family and friends are very important to me. Last year, I felt like I was putting my work in at work and in classrooms than I was in maintain my relationships. This year I set my schedule to assure that I spend time with my family and friends as well as maintain date nights with hubby. It’s worked out great and I can see how much it has impacted my relationships.

Maintain High Grades in Classes

WOOHOO, I did it! It was not easy, I struggled this year more than I did the previous years because I had too much on my plate. But I managed to push through it and ended up making the dean’s list.


I’ve gave up on this goal for about a month or maybe even two this year but overall I’ve committed to it more this year than I did the previous years so I am going to deem it a partial success. Exercising has allowed me to accomplish the following things:

  • Strengthen my core muscles
  • Expand my running distance as well as reduce my mile times
  • Slim up my waste
  • Eat healthier
  • I’ve motivated two people to work out and consider their health. I know it’s only two people but I just love it when I am in tuned with accomplishing something and it ends up rubbing off on someone.

Learn to use my camera

I thought it was going to be super easy to learn how to use a camera but it wasn’t. I had to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, attending photography seminars and messing around with my camera before I could FINALLY say I know how to capture an image.

Next up… Photoshop.

This year has allowed me to reflect a lot about my character. I wanted to discover my purpose in life. I wanted to be more and I’ve even tried to do so. But I realized that it will occur in due time. It’s just like working out, I can’t complete a workout and expect to have a toned up body. I have to keep running and lifting. I can’t allow the sweat, the tears and the fact that I am tired to stop me from crossing the finish line. I must remind myself of my worth when I feel like giving up and push myself through the pain to show myself what I am capable of doing because when I do, I achieve. When I achieve, I realize what I am capable of and I strive for better. When I do achieve better, I know that there is always room for improvement.

2016 I am ready. Bring it on!

Did you accomplish your 2015 goals?